Systems Support Training

Systems Support Training

Significance is driven to provide practical and effective solutions to the challenges our clients face.  In particular, with system changes, clients have focused questions and requirements that must be addressed. We have created customized training to help our clients easily and cost-efficiently ramp up their skills in new systems and provide the ongoing help they need to run autonomously.



SABRS combined with SMARTS are used by the U.S. Navy and USMC to store, analyze, reconcile, balance and report budget execution data.  Significance has DAI experts who have led the transition at Washington Headquarters Services, OSD, Pentagon Forces Protection Agency, Missile Defenses Agency, and the Defense Security Service and can help USMC commands transition from SABRS to DAI. We provide sustained training & support tailored to your command. 

Our experts provide sustained training and support tailored to your command to enable end users to deeply understand the intricacies of SABRS/SMARTS in order to maximize their efficiency and productivity. The result is that your team will have the knowledge to create, access, and report on the data needed for financial management.

Significance provides both on-site and virtual over-the-shoulder training to meet the needs of our clients.

Our experts will help your team with:

Navy ERP (SAP)

From transition support to follow up, our team has deep experience in NAVY ERP (SAP) systems that allows us to expertly and cost-efficiently provide training that allows clients to be self-sustaining on a move forward basis.

  • Navy ERP Transition support
  • Follow-on SAP sustainment training for new and existing personnel
  • USN: Training support for funding authorization and phasing plan (CFMS)
  • Civilian labor execution, error resolution, labor reporting
  • Ad hoc reports for custom views of the data
  • Data conversion support
  • Year-to-date tracking and status of funds
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) reporting

Defense Agencies Initiative (DAI)

Significance has assembled a team of leaders in DAI who deeply understand and can manage its complexities. As organizations plan transitions from legacy documents and manage these processes, Significance can increase the confidence you have in your systems and documentation, including providing certification credentials.

  • DAI Project, Organization, Expenditure Type, and Task (POET) structure and mapping to legacy converted documents.
  • Financial hierarchy and mapping of funds control and funds distribution in the Project and Task structure of DAI.
  • Fiscal code data crosswalk from existing financial systems to the DAI Line of Accounting and POET structure.
  • Understanding the new General Ledger (GL) requirement in DAI for Level 2 to Level 4 commands and how it relates to reporting.
  • Understanding and managing the tables maintenance control process from existing financial system to DAI and set up a highly functional DAI Help Desk Support operation.
  • Transition from their existing feeder systems to new modules that replace them in DAI.
  • Planning for changes in processes and tools for analysis during the brown out period with respect to converted open balances.
  • Transition from existing reporting systems to DAI reports (to include OBIEE).
  • Transition management of the following DAI Business Processes:
    • User Management (UMX)
    • Budget to Report (B2R)
    • Cost Accounting (CA)
    • Oracle Time and Labor (OTL)
    • Order to Cash (O2C)
    • Procure to Pay (P2P)
    • Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)
    • Acquire to Retire (A2R) [Future]
  • Provide a certificate of completion for DoD FM Certification Continuing Education and Training (CET) credits.

Legacy Systems Training (USMC/USN)

As systems transition to enable improved functionality and efficiency, we are ready to assist and support with deep expertise at a very tactical level including the development and execution of training, reporting, and solutions development.

  • Training support for fund authorization (MCFAD) and phasing plan (PPT)
  • Training support for funding authorization and phasing plan (CFMS Major Command Decision Sheet)
  • Civilian labor execution, error resolution, labor reporting (WYPC, SMARTS, SABRS)
  • Establishment and maintenance of appropriate data and their dependencies in the SABRS tables
  • Knowledge of SABRS table data, their descriptions, and dependent data
  • Identification of the purpose of each fiscal code and where to find it
  • Review and update of fiscal codes to eliminate redundancy for budgeting accuracy
  • Correlation of specific codes for required analysis and reporting
  • Creation of ad hoc reports for custom views of the data
  • Leveraging of SABRS/SMARTS to monitor Data Act compliance
  • Tracking of year-to-date status of funds
  • Consolidated report correlating controls (CFMS) and execution (SABRS) for true status of funds
  • Consolidated report correlating data in COST and SABRS
  • Monthly, quarterly and year end closing/ FY open
  • Identification of the universe of transactions and reconciliation of those to the general ledger for audit
  • Development of training aids


Significance provides a full spectrum of Decision Support products and services including off-site analysis and customized analytics tools using already deployed software tools.  Our team has experience maximizing solutions in software-constrained environments such as NMCI.  We also offer training to customer staff exposing all of the intellectual property developed with customer funding.  We will not just build a reusable analytics solution using our in-house functional and technical expertise, but will also train customer staff in the exact methodologies used to create the solution in part or in whole, upon request.  In many cases this will empower staff to customize and update delivered solutions as necessary, and even develop similar solutions from scratch without the need for additional development support.


  • Data Mining
  • Data Integration
  • Desktop Analytics
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Process Scripting
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Advanced Analytics and Statistical Analysis

Tools and Platforms:

  • Microsoft Ecosystem Advanced Functionality
    • Access/VBA
    • PowerQuery
    • Power Pivot
    • Automated Office Interop
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Tableau
  • Qlik
  • SharePoint
  • UiPath
  • Powershell

Using your Government Charge Card or a Simple Acquisition Purchase (SAP), you can receive immediate help with robust and customized training for your command, program or even department. Training and support can be purchased in two-week blocks, allowing you to procure as many hours as you require.

Each block includes:

  1. Customized Training for individual needs
  2. Customized over the shoulder training
  3. Training materials
  4. Follow up training session to ensure successful outcomes

Please contact Kate Yuan at to book training.