Bio-Rod Brewster


Director of Client Success

Rod Brewster joined Significance in 2021, bringing nearly 30 years of experience working within the Department of Defense and advising federal clients. Rod combines broad experience in U.S. Marine Corps/U.S. Navy support processes (Headquarters, Logistics, Security, Budget/Financial), defense business systems (budget, accounting, and feeder systems), the ability to translate data into dialogue, and front office leadership to deliver actionable recommendations to Significance’s federal clients.

A distinguished graduate of both the Naval Postgraduate School (MS Financial Management) and National Defense University (MS National Resource Strategy, Concentration in Cybersecurity Leadership), Rod also is a CPA and holds a BA from the University of Michigan. Additional certifications include Data Analytics Modeling (AICPA), Certified Management Accountant, and DoD Financial Management Certification Level III. He is the former commander of the Marine Corps’ Financial Management School and the Marine Corps’ Embassy Security Group.

Rod lives in northern Virginia with his wife, two children, and three dogs. They enjoy travel, running, cycling, tennis, and CrossFit.

“We believe clients are friends we want to help, so we make a great effort to understand their problems, aspirations and visions for where they want to take their organizations. This allows us to far exceed expectations in what we deliver.”