Bio-Mary Ahern-Snyder

Mary Ahern-Snyder

President and Founder

Mary solely launched Significance in 2014 after owning, starting, and growing a successful government consulting company in the DC area. Prior to that, she worked in sales and consulting in the technology sector, helping both commercial and public sector companies solve business problems and accomplish organizational goals through enterprise software and consulting with a deliverable solution. Inspired by her father’s entrepreneurial spirit and success, Mary is driven to understand clients’ challenges and help provide innovative solutions to fill niche needs in government program processes and corporate services. She achieves this by building trusted relationships and recruiting and retaining experts in their fields, which has been a hallmark of her career.

In creating Significance, Mary had a vision to build a company that reflects her values and work ethic. She is passionate about making sure her employees and clients feel they have “significance” by building a culture that reflects a focus on meaningful relationships, integrity, and collaboration. This makes working FOR and WITH Significance a positive experience and a lot of fun!

Mary is a graduate of the University of Maryland and lives in Annapolis, Maryland, with her three children and spends her free time working out, boating, spending time with friends, and improving her newly developing pickleball skills.

Mary Ahern Snyder President and Founder Significance Inc. government consulting

“Our key to success is finding people who promote excellence and discovering innovative and valuable solutions. Culture is critical and all of us at Significance facilitate a culture of teamwork, camaraderie, positivity, and a sense of community. Treating valued customers, employees and partners with respect is paramount. As in any healthy business relationship, the whole should be greater than the sum of the parts.”